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Jorei Jazz with Jazz
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  Jorei Jazz with Jazz

   Pianist Danny Mixen


JoRei Jazz & Company's Mission is to Sponsor Jazz Music Events throughout

New York City,  which began with Jazz Open Mic Series at Perks in Harlem in 2012, After a short hiatus we  moved to Black Cat Cafe on the Lower East Side. Now we’re sponsoring the Jorei Jazz Jam & Open Mic Series at Sour Mouse, NYC., which is also on the Lower East Side.  We’ve been sponsoring a weekly Jazz Jam at Sour Mouse Since October of 2020!  We got a call from the owner, who asked if we were interested in  hosting a Jazz Open Mic at his Billiards & PingPong spot on Delancey, and we jumped at the opportunity

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Jorei Jazz & Co.  is a non-profit group dedicated to
fostering an enhanced Jazz community of singers
& musicians of any age.  

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Jorei Jazz & Company 

JoRei Jazz & Company was founded by Johnny Johnson and Katherine Joyce-Reilly in 2018 after a prior Live  Jazz Event partnership dissolved.  Not wanting to abandon their commitment to continuing the Legacy of Jazz music for future generations, K.J. Reilly and Johnny decided to regroup under the JoRei Jazz umbrella, as JazzByJorei on Social Media

After a short  hiatus  It was not long before they discovered  a cozy cafe in the Lower East Side; Black Cat Cafe, where they began  hosting weekly Jazz Jam and Open Mic For the Jazz community and enthusiasts.  We have moved our event to a new super fun Billiards & Ping Pong venue, just blocks away from Black Cat Cafe, where we are hosting a weekly Open Mic Jam session series. 

Sour Mouse, NYC is a new and  exciting club and game room which has undoubtedly become one of the Hot Spots of LES 

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                  Newspaper Article


Photos: Bob Krasner

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Future of Jazz Music:  Concerning but Hopeful

By K.J. Reilly

Let’s consider how the Jazz music genre has
been lagging behind in popularity, sales, marketing, radio play,  streaming, etcetera.  
Even though Congress designated Jazz Music a National American Treasure in a 1987 resolution, its popularity was already diminishing.  By the time the internet, eCommerce and streaming came
into play, the Jazz Music genre was brought to its knees, in terms of records sales and downloads and streaming revenues. 

Case in point, in 2018, Jazz genre record sales amounted to only  1.1% of the overall sales for that year. According to an article in Billboard Magazine, the total Jazz record sales in 1987 was 4.9% of all annual sales, which declined gradually to 2.8% by 1997 (source: Billboard, April 17, 1999). This is disturbing especially for the established and aspiring Jazz artists. 

In reality, the avantgard, alternative and Jazz Music acts have to depend on tours outside the country to earn a living, especially these days.  

So bringing it back to the local scene here in New York; It is a travesty when we compare it to the once booming Jazz scene in New York, which has dwindled considerably over the past 30 years. There seemed to have been many more Jazz venues throughout the City in the nineteen sixties, seventies and even the eighties but there were signs of trouble when the 1990’s rolled in, when many of the popular (non touristy) Jazz clubs began to close down. Club owners most often struggled with rising rents, making it impossible to eke out profits.

In the seventies and eighties, however, there were a good number of small, no-frills clubs all over New York City, that starving artists could afford.  It’s places like this that foster development of aspiring musicians and singers who are looking to grow or maintain their chops. There were also programs like Jazz Mobile, University of the Streets, which hosted jazz workshops (Instructed by the Late Barry Harris)  for over 40 years.  

Continued Article........

These Programs were safe havens for the musicians that couldn’t afford private lessons, or couldn’t afford to go to Mannes School for Jazz at the New School, or a Music Conservatory.   In 2015,  University of the Streets( UOTS) closed its East Village location, and moved to the Bronx, adding an afterschool music program, Dance and Martial Arts programs, as well as many other activities.

Although UOTS still hosts live jazz , it doesn’t serve the Jazz community as it once did.

Thankfully .....

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Jorei Jazz & Company

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New York, NY 10011


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